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This is a website for the archive of League of Legends art and comics created by myself, Rachel J Corey.

This website is only an archive; I don't plan on continuing to draw League Of Legends fan art in my spare time.

Unfortunately, this also includes the second chapter of the Viktor & Jayce comic (unless Riot wants to commission me to do it). I apologize to everyone who was waiting for me to finish the sequel. I'd like to move on to creating my own original IPs.

The last few years since I got into League Of Legends has been a wild ride. While making this website, I was actually taken aback from how much LoL art I've drawn, it's been a big part of my life! I've met so many amazing people and have gone so many places because of League, it's difficult to imagine how my life would be different without the opportunities Riot has provided for me. I have the utmost respect and admiration for everyone I've worked with there, and the amazing things they continue to create.

I really hope you'll read my next comic project that's in the works, Stories for Sea Slugs! I'm so excited to see what people think about it! :D

Here's where you can follow my art on the web:

About The Person Who Drew The Pictures

Evil, loud cackling at the Tribeca LoL Event in NYC, November 2015

I’m a freelance artist currently living in Tempe, Arizona. I’ve worked in the video game industry for the past few years, and have done contract comics, illustration and concept art for Riot Games on League Of Legends. I also worked at a video game studio called Atomjack in Seattle.

The tools I use are Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, and a Cintiq Companion 2. But I used a Wacom Bamboo for pretty much everything on this website! That little tablet rocks.

Here’s a video of me where you can see me nervously shuffle around and sorta talk about my comics on the Riot Youtube show /ALLchat: https://youtu.be/UjWiTLtOxLc

I’d like to dedicate my life to spreading joy and happiness with my art! There's nothing I love more than cheering people up. In my spare time I like reading, petting my cat, taking pictures of my cat, napping, napping with my cat, playing strategy video games, drawing my cat, and watching Star Trek.

I also sell art prints and shirts on my Store website here (sorry, no League stuff, I don't want the copyright trouble): http://racheljcorey.storenvy.com

I’ll occasionally take private commissions for individuals, but not too often. Please email me if you’re interested in contracting some work from me.